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Hello, I'm Carley. A graphic designer
I create from scratch.
in mind.

Design is my passion.

Creating awesome designs is what I do.
BOUNDLESS CREATIVITY. The only limit to finding a
great creative idea is your imagination. Good thing
mine runs like a Formula One. Founded in 2004, I
quickly developed a reputation for exceptional
design work, and built a core business around
exceeding graphic design standards, seeking new
and innovative ideas to achieve the results clients
deserve. Although the business has evolved into a
diverse portfolio (including print design, consumer
packaging, web design and advertising campaigns)
the core focus on identity development and brand
stewardship remains. Today, I work with some of
southern Alberta’s largest brands, providing
strategy and design for a variety of categories.

A bit about me.

(Boring, I know.)
HEY THERE, I’m Carley Grant. A certified graphic designer and
I LOVE MY JOB! I've been designing for 20+ years and enjoy
every second of it. When I'm not glued to my Mac, I can be found
enjoying time with family, sailing, reading, exercising, listening to
music or sipping earl grey tea, without which, I might perish. I'm
currently accepting new projects, so if you're in need of some
creative expertise, drop me a line.
The process
(How it works.)




MEET & GREET A thorough client
briefing is needed to kick things off. This is where
we discuss the project details, offering ideas and
strengthening our understanding of goals and
constraints. Through the use of a Creative Brief, I
challenge clients to embrace the “why” and the
“what if”, believing that questions can liberate
great ideas from the chains of assumption.
DESIGN Now the real fun begins (for me
anyway). It is at this stage that I will present the best
ideas to the client. Through review and discussion,
we work together to choose the winning concept for
the project and to refine any imperfections. Once
finalized, it becomes the foundation of guiding
principles that can be found in every additional
creative piece.

My Services

(It's what I do.)
Logo & Corporate Identity Packages <> Print Material Design
Point of Sale Material <> Display, Sign & Environmental 3D Design
Package Design <> Concept Development <> Advertising & Campaign
Development <> Web Design & Development
  • Althen Country Prime™

  • Bluestone Developments

  • City of Lethbridge

  • Cornerstone Funeral Home

  • Chinook CFDC

  • Richardson Oilseed

  • Southern Alberta Summer Games

  • Sport Science Institute

  • Stonegate Design Build Inc.

  • Tollestrup Construction

  • Town of Taber

  • Young Parkyn McNab

  • Packaging

  • Websites

  • Identity


Althen Country Prime™

Your beef, naturally! As ranchers, Althen Country Prime™ came to CMG Design to help develop a brand identity for their new cross-breed of Wagyu and Red Angus cattle. Range-fed and naturally matured with no hormones, growth additives or unnecessary antibiotics, Althen Country Prime™ felt a responsibility to deliver a quality, healthful and sustainable source of protein for consumers who care about the quality of their food, how it is raised and where it comes from. Known for its buttery flavour, velvety texture and succulent juiciness, Althen Country Prime™ produces the best-tasting beef available. CMG Design worked to create the name, the tag line, the visual identity, the photography, the postcard and the website. The simplicity of the website showcases the spectacular images captured at the Althen ranch.

Bluestone Developments

As a new developer within the Lethbridge area, Bluestone Developments needed to get the attention of home buyers within the market segment. To support clear and consistent branding and messaging, Bluestone Developments engaged CMG Design to create a comprehensive graphical appearance. With accompanying stationery, CMG Design created an identity unique to the three individual owners. The website creates a consistent visual style that supports the Bluestone brand.

City of Lethbridge

CMG Design has worked on several projects with the City of Lethbridge. The projects shown below represent the range of work completed.

With the upcoming development of the new Regional Park located on the north side of Lethbridge, the City engaged CMG Design to create a campaign that would generate interest and inspire local residents to name the new park. The bold use of colours and playful shapes were used to target all age groups.

When the City requested a look for a smartphone application that streamlines how the public can request a service, CMG Design could not wait to get started. Without degrading the look of the City's current identity, CMG Design combined elements from the official crest with the iconic image of City Hall to help identify the program as an official City of Lethbridge application.

The City recognized the growing problem of used needles found by City employees and the general public. Their goal, to develop a two-part strategy that explains the proper handling and discarding of used needles. By playing with unexpected colors and layering images, CMG Design developed an exciting range of posters, brochures and a custom binder toolkit to convey the importance of needle safety.

2006 marked the 100 year centennial for the City of Lethbridge. The event was a celebration of old and new. Inspired by bold colours, playful shapes and historical images, CMG Design developed a fun, one-of-a-kind identity and a commemorative calendar keepsake.

Cornerstone Funeral Home

CMG Design has worked on several projects with Cornerstone Funeral Home. The projects shown below represent the range of work completed.

Every year, Cornerstone Funeral Home honours those we have lost by promoting their annual Dove Tribute campaign. Cornerstone engaged CMG Design to create a sympathetic campaign reminding us that Cornerstone's free dove pendants are a unique way to cherish a loved one's memory.

  1. Dove Campaign Radio 1

  2. Dove Campaign Radio 2

Chinook CFDC

The Chinook CFDC (Community Futures Development Corporation) recognized the lack of economic growth in rural communities and set forth a series of initiatives to help address the growing problem within the Town of Taber. Grow Ahead was the first initiative, created to attract outside employees and residents to the area. Next, CORE was introduced to local business owners to develop essential skills training within the current workplace. The third initiative, Get Real, was developed to influence Taber's teens and young adults to consider a career choice within the local community. The resulting design was a diverse and impactful collection, targeting each group individually.

Richardson Oilseed

CMG Design has worked on several projects with Richardson Oilseed. The projects shown below represent the range of work completed.

As part of the redesign of the Canola Harvest line, CMG Design was engaged to design a collection of print ads, consumer packaging and collateral material.

As a natural addition to their canola products, Richardson Oilseed developed Alberta Gold High By-Pass Canola Pellets. Delicious to dairy cattle, these nutrient-rich pellets assist in the production of milk. Targeting American dairy farmers, Richardson Oilseed wanted a bold, unique look to attract this market segment. The resulting design was colourful and friendly, branding Alberta Gold as dairy cattle's preferred choice.

Southern Alberta Summer Games

In 2006, the City of Lethbridge hosted the Southern Alberta Summer Games. To celebrate, the City engaged CMG Design to design an identity and poster for the event. Although certain design elements had to be present, CMG Design created a distinct identity unique to the games. The theme for the poster was based on signature landmarks of Lethbridge and the spirit of athletic excellence. The resulting poster is striking and impactful, yet clearly embodies the essence of the games.

Sport Science Institute

Sport Science Institute needed to get the attention of professional athletes or anyone looking to improve their physical fitness around southern Alberta. CMG Design developed an identity, stationery and POS material that helped customers see Sport Science Institute as a state-of-the-art, high tech facility committed to helping customers achieve maximum performance.

Stonegate Design Build Inc.

Stonegate Design Build Inc. specializes in new home design and construction with distinct architectural appeal and quality. Using simple shapes and colours used in today's home designs, CMG Design worked to develop the identity, stationery, website and site sign, branding Stonegate as the premier home designer and builder in the Lethbridge and surrounding area.

Tollestrup Construction

From brochure to poster calendar, to desktop calendar and web design, CMG Design helped re-invent the Tollestrup brand. Using a sleek, black backdrop and colourful construction imagery, CMG Design helped reinforce Tollestrup as a quality name in the paving and construction market.

Town of Taber

CMG Design has worked on several projects with the Town of Taber. The projects shown below represent the range of work completed.

The Town of Taber wanted to re-invent the look of Taber. CMG Design worked to merge the needs of the residents, the town employees and local industries into a cohesive identity, and create a unified look for advertising and entrance signage. The new design labels Taber as an active and friendly community of southern Alberta.

Eureka Industrial Park needed to attract businesses looking to build and relocate. The Town of Taber engaged CMG Design to develop the identity, advertising, brochure and site sign to attract this market segment. The new design explains to businesses the benefits Eureka Industrial Park in Taber has to offer.

With the development of a new Municipal Development Plan, the Town of Taber engaged CMG Design to photograph the town and develop the look of the 82 page booklet along with the creation of print advertising and a postcard mailer that would be used to notify and engage the general public, asking for thier involvement in providing feedback on the proposed plans and ideas that will help accommodate new growth and expansion for the next 20 years. The resulting design was a playful and unique take on an expanding urban community and served to set Taber apart from other municipalities.

Young Parkyn McNab

Young Parkyn McNab wanted a marketing tool to present to prospective clients. Keeping with the original YPM brand, CMG Design created a custom binder which features original art designed to evoke the feeling of a fun, friendly accounting firm. Each section of the binder opens with an illustration depicting the particular area of discussion. The alternative iPad version allows for easier use.


CMG Design has worked on several packaging assignments. The projects shown below represent the range of work completed.

Cultivated exclusively in the sunny climate of southern Alberta, Valhalla Wine wanted a label design that embodied the full flavour of this unique vintage. Combining distinct colours, gold embossing and a twall background of the winery itself, CMG Design created an elegant, one-of-a-kind wine label.

Bird's Choice wanted to introduce their farm fresh bird seed to the US and other market segments. Keeping with their original brand, CMG Design used bright colours and clean shapes to create a fun, easy to carry bag.

The newly remodeled Bag Buddy required a box design illustrating its use and versatility to the Canadian and US market segments. Keeping with their original brand, CMG Design created a colourful design containing bold, graphic illustrations with strong visual impact.

The demand for non-genetically modified food products is increasing with today's health-conscious consumer. Bridge Foods Inc developed a 100% pure Non-GMO Canola Oil that required a label design representative of the name CLEARLY Canola Oil. The result was a small, simple and clean design allowing the consumer to see the purity of the oil through the glass.


CMG Design has worked on several website projects. The sites shown below represent the range of work completed.


A great logo is at the heart of every brand. CMG Design has designed logos for a diverse range of companies, organizations, events, products and municipalities.